Everything you need to know about Immigration Medical Exams in Chicago

Whether your application for a green card is based on employment, family, political asylum, visa lottery or any other cause, you will have to file the Green Card Medical Exam before your approval. If you want to get the green card in the limited time it is important that you complete your immigration medical exam.

The purpose of immigration medical exam is to assure that the person who is applying for the green card and permanent residence is not admissible to the USA on the bases of public health issues and does not have any health risks to citizens of USA. There are many people who want to know that what are the requirements of the immigration medical exam and how they can complete the test. Here we have a complete guideline that will allow you to complete the test properly.

Step 1: Complete the Form I-693

One of the most important aspects of getting the tests done is filling the Form I-693. There are many people who do not fill the form properly and that is why they are unable to get the approval. It is advised that you download the form from the official or reliable platform. As you are filled for the adjustment of status complete you have to fill the form accurately.
While you are filling the form you might get confused. In this situation, it is better that consult a professional to assure that you can get the answer to all your questions. A single mistake on the form can take days and even months for processing. One of the most important things to remember is that you are only supposed to fill the section of personal information. Your approved doctor will fill the rest of the form including the examination date.

Step 2: Find an authorized doctor

For the immigration medical exam, you cannot just visit any doctor in the area. There are only a few designated civil surgeons who are authorized for the testing process because they have been pre-approved by US Citizenship and Immigration Services to complete the I-693.

It is better that you get in touch with the USCIS office to get the list of doctors who are authorized to conduct the test in your area.

Step 3: Your immigration medical exam checklist

There are a few things that you have to take while you are going for the test. Here we have a checklist that you should pay attention to.

  1. You must take your partially filled Form I-693 for the doctor to complete it after the examination.
  2. A list of all vaccines that you already have.
  3. Bring a list of any chronic medical problems you are suffering from and all types of medications that you have been taking.
  4. In case you have been hospitalized or treated for mental or psychiatric problems or you have been suffering from drug or alcohol abuse, you must bring your written certification from your doctor that consists of your length of treatment, complete diagnosis and your prognosis.
  5. If there are some behavioral issues you have been dealing with in the past make sure that you let the doctor know. He will conduct a few tests to determine that whether the issues are because of mental health problems, substance abuse or any other problem whether you have minor or major issues, you have to explain everything to your doctor.
  6. If you are suffering from syphilis, bring a written certificate which is signed by a public health officer or doctor in which it has been mentioned that you are properly treated. If you had VDRL or other tests related to syphilis and you are not treated you have to bring a written explanation for your condition signed by your doctor.
  7. In case you or anyone from your family has any kind of disabilities who are applying for the green card make sure that you mention their requirements related to education and supervision to the authorities.
  8. In case you have been tested positive for TB, assure that you bring a certificate signed by your doctor that give circumstances that why you have been tested positive. It should have information related to all treatments that you got and for how long you suffered from the health condition. You should give the proof that you have been properly treated with the dates and medication that you took for your treatment.
  9. If you ever had an abnormal chest x-ray in your life make sure that you bring all the films of your last x-ray. You have to bring the actual films and not typed report

Step 4: You immigration medical exam

The immigration medical exam in our Chicago Immigration Medical Clinic is very simple. The doctor will review all the documents and your medical history. After that, he will conduct a complete examination that will include chest x-ray, physical exam and blood tests.

Children under the age of 15 will not have their blood tests or x-rays done. If you are pregnant you might have a different testing process related to x-ray depending on your country of origin. You might receive a few vaccines depending on your medical history. All the reports will be sealed by a doctor once the exam is complete.

What is the importance of the immigration medical exam?

You might have been wondering that why clearing the immigration medical exam is important. Some people have the misconception that any type of health issues will make it hard for them to get the green card.

However, you should know that minor health problems like flu or your age-related sickness will not stop you from getting the green card. The exam is only conducted to check the health issues that are related to immigration and might possess a threat to residents of the USA.

There are a few medical conditions that can make you inadmissible to the US according to Section 212 (a) and 221 (d). There are a few health conditions that have been legally forgiven or waived. However, you might need some legal services to get the process done.

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