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Immigration medical exams are required for people applying for a US Green Card. Immigration health exams are also called Change of Status Exams, Green Card Exams or an I-693 Exams.  Immigration medical exam basically is an immigration health screening required by the US government( US Citizenship and Immigration Services ) and performed only by licensed USCIS Civil Surgeons. You cannot go to your personal doctor to have a medical exam for immigration purposes unless your doctor is a designated civil surgeon.This exam is required by the government to keep you and the public healthy.

Immigration Exam: Basics

During the Immigration Medical Exam you will be examined by the doctor. The doctor will look at your vaccinations/immunization records. If you have vaccination or immunization records, bring them with you as they can save you time and money.

There will be a blood test and a tuberculosis test performed.
You can choose either a skin or blood test for tuberculosis. If your skin test is positive, a chest x-ray will need to be done.
If you need any vaccines, the doctor will tell you which vaccines you need.

After the exam, you will receive a copy of the exam and a sealed envelope with the results of the exams and the tests inside. Do not open the sealed envelope. A third copy will be kept at the Central Medical Clinic.

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In order to apply for a U.S. green card, you must undergo a medical examination. Click here and read FAQ about Immigration Medical Exams

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